Petite Weekend

The USA Petite Pageant weekend involves all of our state titleholders in working directly with our official photographers, appearing in sponsored events and other amazing experiences throughout the weekend. From registration and welcome dinner, to photo shoots and galas, our queens definitely experience all the highlights of pageantry. One of our favorite events is our Secret Petite; think about a “Secret Santa”.

Events that form part of our USA Petite Pageant Sisterhood creating amazing memories that will last a lifetime. Every year we select very special activities for our queens to be a part of; a great opportunity to get exposure and a whole lot of fun!

Petite Benefit Gala 

Our Pageant is also about giving back, for this reason the Petite Benefit Gala selects a Foundation or Cause each year and part of the funds/items raised are donated to the cause.

The Gala events include the National Costumes Presentation, Public Speaking Competition, Silent Auction and Donation Center. If you would like to Donate a basket or gift for the Silent Auction, or you would like to donate items for the cause, please contact us.

USA Petite Pageant Areas of Competition

  1. Interviews: 35% of the Final score – Our interview with the judges is panel style. We select five Judges that are not related to any pageant contestants, giving each contestant the opportunity to have a fair chance to win the crown. The Interview is 5-7 Minutes long, depending on each contestant. A business suit is required and every contestant will enter the room on her own and answer questions previously prepared by the judges. Remember your appearance will “speak” for you, be sure your wardrobe is an exact description of who you are. The interview is about the Bio Judges Form that contestants will complete prior to the pageant weekend, in other words, it is about YOU. Judges Interview is extremely important because it is 35% of your final score. You will be judged on your comfort level during the interview along with your appearance and ability to speak clearly and answer questions with confidence.
  2. Swimsuit: 25% of Final Score – This is for Teen, Miss & Ms. The Mrs. division uses Fashion Wear instead.
  3. Evening Gown: 25% of Final Score – Poise, Elegance & Class.
  4. On Stage Question: 15% of Final Score – No political, sexual or religious questions.

Additional Competitions

  1. National Costume Competition- This competition is extracurricular to the main one. A winner in each division. Mandatory for Teen & Miss, optional for Ms. & Mrs. The competition will take place Saturday Night at the Petite Benefit Gala.
  2. Public Speaking Competition- Our USA Petite Family believes that with our voice we can make a difference and impact in others. This is an optional competition and we look forward to your speech!


    • Speech must be a maximum of 2 minutes.
    • Wardrobe must be appropriate to the Public Speaking environment. This includes but is not limited to a skirt, dress or pant suit. Feel free to send in specific wardrobe questions directly to us.
    • Speech should encourage positivity and optimism. Think about your platform.
    • Please opt out from reading the speech. Use your notes as guidelines to follow.

    A great speech has two major components: content and delivery. You should include a brief summary of what your chosen platform is and why it is an important idea or organization. In other words, look at your platform page and choose the most important information. You are allotted a 2 minutes time period to deliver your speech. 

    Public Speaking competition will take place Saturday Night at the Petite Benefit Gala.

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